UV1016 - Mobile Cover & Personalised Gift Printing Machine

Kejie Digital humbly Introduce KEJIE UV 1016 which is real maintenance free matured technology of said “ Real Digital Printer “ . Now our customers can deliver emphatic 3D designs , Metallic prints in Vibrating rich tone colors in most affordable lowest possible cost .

Kejie offers Maintenance Free package

Kejie offers Maintenance Free package which is possible due to time seasoned research by team of our dedicated Engineers.

Why We Recommend

"Real Digital Printer" in Affordable Range - Technically assembly of mechanical parts upon machine body with Printheads & its control boards can be called as “ Digital Printer ” . But, to obtain Real Digital Prints which should be nearest to Mirror Image of object to be printed require long Research and very high standard machines to match capabilities of Print head power & speed with proper ink having physical properties as prescribed by manufacturer of heads – Then calibrating overall system with designated internal control software by defaulting it with curing system . With this due exercise by devoted team of technicians the Printer can be called as Real or Matured Digital Printer . Only very expensive Japanese / European printers were considered as Quality printers whose cost and maintenance goes higher than output profits .

Ink Support : Ink support is essential part to obtain operational friendly , Long lasting and “ Real Digital Prints ” as said above . Normally , printer manufacturer supply default inks at very high price putting customer in fix and silently provoking to compromise with quality by using 3rd party ink . Kejie Believes in Long term relations for mutual growth with customer. Therefore, we offer specially developed Ink by Korean Company for Kejie at 30-40 % less than market price by sharing benefit of lower price by ink manufacturer to Kejie in view of regular bulk purchase.

We have customized super flex inks for PU / leather / PVC / EVA / TPU etc.

Features & Benefits

Super Allow Frame : Kejie uses Super Allow for frame of printer . This ensures ultimate precision for Long time and also ground up all vibrations of movements for stable performance by minimizing chances of backing up of sine waves of vibrations to Carriage .

Advance Pneumatically controlled Ink Supply System : Pneumatically controlled ink supply system is must for UV printers as UV inks should be slightly rich for proper adhesion with sharp glossy output as most essential requirement of UV Prints . Otherwise UV Prints cannot add needful value to Precocious Gifts , Consumables , Decoration Etc. . Some Economical printers are still using Gravity controlled Ink system which is responsible for fast ageing of heads and frequent misfire of colors giving wastage after few months only .

Kejie uses most advance pneumatic ink control of precision grade to ensure pleasant printing experience to operator and lowest cost print to owner of Kejie Printer by minimizing wastage and frequent replacement of heads .

Japanese Ink Regulation

Anti Static

German Insulation of Vibration


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Model - UV1016
Technical Key Specification
Print Heads Ricoh GH2220 - 6 Print Head
Media Size 1050x1650mm
Media Thickness Maximum 65mm
Media Handling Sunction Blower
Curing System Dual UV LED Lamps
Ink Specifications
Ink Types UV LED Curable Ink
Ink Colors CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW , BLACK + White + Voilet
Power Consumptions & Working Environment
Power Requirements AC 220V +/-10% 20 Amps, 50/60 Hz
Power ON Temperature 20 to 280C Humidity: 40 to 60%RH (non-condensing)
Power OFF Temperature 20 to 280C Humidity: 40 to 60%RH (non-condensing)
Machine Measurments
Printer Dimensions 2195x2095x1295mm (LXWXH)
Weight (approx with stand) 495 Kgs
Print Mode Print Resolution Passes Speed
Mode 1 720 x 900 6P 60 SQFT/HR
Mode 2 720 x 1200 8P 48 SQFT/HR

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